Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vitamin D3 and Diabetes

The role of Vitamin D3 in type 1 and 2 is now more important than everything except insulin. It is important that the wide ranging effects on every aspect D3 in understood by people with diabetes because of D3 contributing to so many complications.

The Vitamin D Council has wisely chosen these articles (sent out in this newsletter the past few weeks) to represent the cross section of problems attributable to low D. Were you aware that Finland increased the incidence of type 1 and type 2 diabetes to 80% of the population by the government decision to drastically lower the amounts of D3 supplementation? Did you know that the reintroduction of Vitamin D3 to the amounts use 15-20 years ago restored the incidence of diabetes 1 and 2 in Finland back to that other Western Countries?

Did you know that virtually all complications of diabetes are at least in part attributable to low vitamin D3, not just in the incidence of complications but the severity?

Dr. Joe


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a(what should be) a case of common "sence", but it's not really that common!

TedHutchinson said...

Vitamin D and Diabetes-Can We Prevent it?
for those who haven't the time for the full 48minute video there is a pdf of the slides used in that presentation here

It just makes me so sad that it's virtually impossible to explain to people on Diabetes forums that MOST cases of Type 1 Diabetes are preventable if vitamin D3 status during pregnancy and in the early years is kept at OPTIMUM levels.

I don't understand why the vitamin D level of the mother that optimises vitamin D3 production such that human breast milk contains as much as it would do if the mother lived naked outdoors, is not regarded as a natural biomarker of optimum status.
If you believe in God do you really think God forgot to put Vitamin D in human breast milk. Surely breast milk should be the complete food for babies?
If you believe in evolution do you really think we evolved indoors and wearing clothes whenever we left the cave?

Dr. Joe said...

We didn’t start in caves, we started in the southern part of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Where can one get the Vitamin D Council news letters with the info on this subject? I could not locate them on the VDC website. Thank you.